Business Introduction

AI+ Software


Our development team possesses extensive experience in the field of intelligent digital technologies and has completed software development across various domains. We have spanned multiple technical areas, including AI artificial intelligence, digital twins, and AIGC, achieving the commercial application of diverse technologies.

Our work encompasses a range of system functionalities, such as data analysis systems, presentation systems, and storage systems, where we have developed features like facial recognition, data analytics, multimodal data storage, and scalable distributed interaction.

We have also engaged with numerous application scenarios, including commercial applications and intelligent integrated systems, catering to industries such as digital transformation of enterprises, big data analysis, remote collaboration, virtual reality, smart cities, and smart home solutions.

  • Data Analysis and Decision Support Systems

    Such systems are primarily designed to offer enterprises capabilities in data analysis and decision-making support. They encompass various business processes within an enterprise, capable of processing and analyzing substantial volumes of data to provide valuable insights for the enterprise. This assistance enables businesses to make more informed and strategic decisions.

  • AI Commercial Application Showcasea nd Information Distribution Systems

    These platforms are primarily designed to provide enterprises with digital twin, virtual reality, and multi-dimensional display capabilities. By leveraging digital twin technology, they seamlessly integrate the physical world with the digital realm, offering businesses more efficient and intelligent solutions for presentation and analysis.

  • Data Analysis and Decision Support Systems

    These systems are primarily utilized for the creation and multidimensional display and analysis of highly realistic virtual personas. They possess the capability to swiftly generate detailed virtual character representations and conduct comprehensive multifaceted presentations and assessments of these virtual entities.

  • Digital Twin and Virtual Reality Presentation Systems

    Such systems are predominantly employed for the commercial application display and information dissemination within enterprises, aiming to enhance the effectiveness of corporate marketing initiatives. They facilitate the integration and presentation of business applications, offering a one-stop solution for enterprise promotion and engagement.


We are deeply committed to integrating intelligent digital technology into the realm of streaming media marketing, offering comprehensive and intelligent marketing technology services tailored to our customers' needs. Leveraging our efficient intelligent algorithm model, we provide customers with intelligent and digital services that encompass the entire process, including content generation, automated marketing, and data management. This service is designed to adapt to diverse business marketing scenarios, enabling enterprises to gain accurate insights into customer needs, precisely target their audience, and optimize their marketing strategies. Our unique AI+MARTECH services prioritize precise user positioning and personalized advertising, creating exceptional market competitive advantages for our customers.

Consumer behavior is diverse, with various scenarios being active across different platforms. A comprehensive coverage of these scenarios presents numerous opportunities for brands to engage with consumers in diverse contexts.


Integrate channels
Having data
Integrate channels

By integrating multiple channels, we can attain the objective of comprehensive intelligent marketing, thereby enhancing marketing efficacy and user satisfaction. Concurrently, it is imperative to conduct comprehensive data analysis and monitoring of multi-channel integration in order to continually refine marketing strategies and elevate overall performance.

  • Cognition
  • Consideration
    Interest Stimulation
  • Compare
    Brand Preferenc
  • Buy
    Customer Satisfaction
  • Support
    Customer Communication
  • WeChat

  • Information graph

  • Poster

  • Short video

WeChat Official Account, Zhihu, Kuaishou, Bilibili, Douyin, Video Account, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Information Stream Advertising.
  • Content Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Content Creative
  • Content Distribution
    and Placement
  • Performance Monitoring
    and Analysis
  • Training and Learning
  • Material Generation
  • Scenario Generation
  • Intelligent Generation
  • Intelligent Marketing
  • Gather data and utilize AI to articulate and distill the key aspects of the desired outcomes, employing these insights as graphic design directives.

  • Formulate graphic design directives and, through iterative refinement of these instructions, achieve the creation of elemental images.

  • Provide a reference for scene scoring and finalize the scene images by adjusting the directives accordingly.

  • Enable AI to merge materials and scene images to form a foundational visual schema. On the basis of generation requirements, implement an automated closed-loop process, complemented by text, to accomplish intelligent marketing.

  • AI+Martech services represent a marketing strategy founded on intelligent technologies and data analysis, aimed at achieving the digitalization and intelligent enhancement of the entire marketing process through the integration of various channels and platforms.

    Aggregate fragmented data

    Data Deep Purification, Comprehensive Integration,
    and Solidified Sedimentation

  • We devise personalized placement strategies based on the specific objectives and requirements of our clients, encompassing aspects such as keyword selection, integration of advertising materials, targeted ad delivery, and content strategies.

    Comprehensive and in-depth
    customer profiling

    Precision management and service in
    customer operations

  • We have achieved the intelligent construction of the entire marketing process, from creative generation to smart delivery, autonomous feedback, and intelligent analysis. Centered around the core concept of data-driven, it leverages intelligent technologies and data analysis algorithms to connect various aspects of marketing, forming a complete intelligent marketing chain.

    Automated AI Marketing

    Intelligent Data-Driven Decision