We are an innovative enterprise dedicated to the advancement and application of intelligent digital technology. Our endeavors are centered on the seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies, encompassing artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing. Our core businesses encompass the provision of diversified services, encompassing AI+Martech (Marketing)+Technology integrations and AI-powered customized software development.




AI + Martech

We are deeply committed to integrating intelligent digital technology into the realm of streaming media marketing, offering comprehensive and intelligent marketing technology services tailored to our customers' needs.



  • 01

    Data Collection Layer

    This layer consolidates data from third-party
    sources, encompassing structured and
    unstructured information in......
  • 02

    Data Analysis Layer

    This layer conducts in-depth analysis of the
    data received, uncovering hidden information
    and value within the data. Techniques ......
  • 03

    Data Transmission Layer

    This layer processes the data collected from
    the data acquisition layer, including data cleansing,
    feature extraction, preprocessing, and ......
  • 04

    Data Application Layer

    This layer applies the analyzed data to real-
    world scenarios to achieve intelligent
    unstructured information in ......

Technology Commercialization

and Transformation

  • Utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence
    algorithms, cloud computing, and big data
    technologies, we ensure the efficiency and
    accuracy of data processing.
  • We achieve intelligent, automated, efficient,
    and precise decision-making and application
    of data.
  • Our solutions offer significant advantages
    in terms of technological advancement , user
    experience, security and reliability, and
    openness and scalability.
  • With an open architecture design, we support
    a variety of application scenarios and business
    needs, and provide API interfaces for easy
    secondary development and integration.

Intellectual Property


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Digital twin AI virtual human multi-dimensional display and analysis system

Metaverse Technology System

Integrated data intelligent collection and management service system

Generative artificial intelligence voice interaction

Industry customer data consulting service platform

AIGC Image Indexing Control System

Advertising space data summary management system

A Convenient 3D Interaction System Based on Image Processing Technology

Channel intelligent settlement business management system

A computer sound card fixing device for live streaming equipment



2023 China MarTech Service Provider Empowerment Trends

Dual factors determine product selection

In the future, service providers will offer more customized strategy-based value-added services alongside providing foundational product services to enterprises. For instance, they will instruct operational colleagues on how to efficiently configure tags and accurately segment audiences during usage, among other operational strategies, assisting enterprises in achieving their ultimate operational goals through the products they purchase.