Application Area

Service Empowerment

The service capabilities of providers may expand towards strategic services,
offering comprehensive assistance to help enterprises achieve their operational goals.

As China's MarTech market becomes increasingly mature with a rich variety of products and strong industry coverage capabilities, the services provided by vendors are gradually exhibiting characteristics of scenario-based, industry-specific, and customized offerings. Currently, the top MarTech manufacturers in China show a significant head effect with a prevalence of homogenized products. To stand out among numerous competitors, service providers may focus on enhancing their competitive edge by offering empowering services such as customized strategies, while also meeting the basic product selection needs of enterprises (product accessibility and efficiency).

2023 China MarTech Service Provider Empowerment Trends

Dual factors determine product selection

In the future, service providers will offer more customized strategy-based value-added services alongside providing foundational product services to enterprises. For instance, they will instruct operational colleagues on how to efficiently configure tags and accurately segment audiences during usage, among other operational strategies, assisting enterprises in achieving their ultimate operational goals through the products they purchase.

Building the Ecosystem

Exploring New Directions in the Digital Era

With the rapid development of the internet and digital technologies, intelligent marketing has become a crucial component of corporate competitiveness. Intelligent marketing leverages technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) to delve deeply into customer behaviors and market trends, thereby enhancing marketing effectiveness. As the rate of scientific and technological achievements' conversion increases and scientific technologies become more widespread, an increasing number of high-tech applications are being integrated into various industries, bringing disruptive innovations and upgrades to traditional sectors. Particularly, the emergence of new technologies like big data and artificial intelligence has accelerated the development of conventional industries.

Emerging technologies and various industries have a mutually reinforcing effect. The birth of new technologies is a product of industrial transformation and upgrading, while the strength of these new technologies is a key support for economic change and industrial upgrading, serving as the primary means for the transformation in economic quality. The digitalization of marketing is not only a revolution but also a trend that is brewing a new approach to marketing.